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Neural Network Trading & Investing

STEP 1. Set Trade Parameters

STEP 2. Create New Model

STEP 3. Review Results

STEP 4. Begin Trading New Strategy

STEP 5. Update Model for Daily Trade Signals

Always have a trade plan, use strict money management rules and review both your losing & winning trades.  


Also check out 5 Minute Quick Start Video


Symbol: XLF (SPDR Technology ETF)

Shares Based: Fixed 100 Shares

Trade: Long Only

Optimization to Maximize: (Total Net Profit*Win Rate)

Stop Loss: 2 %

Start Date for Historical Data: 01/01/2013

Reserve Period for Testing: 90 Days

“Main Screen”

STEP 1. Set Trade Parameters

Select: “Settings”, then “Trade Strategy”

Select: “Only Long”, “(Total Net Profit*Winning Rate)”, “Fixed Number of Shares”, enter “100” shares

Select: OK

STEP 2. Create New Model

Back at “MAIN SCREEN”, select “New”

Enter Symbol: “XLK”, Model Name: ”XLK MODEL4”,

Enter Start Date: “01/01/2013”, Reserve Period: “90”

Select Model Type: “Model 4”, “End-of-Day”

Select: “Finish”


Enter next trade stop-loss parameters;

Select: “Settings”, then “Stop Loss Settings”

Select: “Use STOP-LOSS Rule”,”Plain Loss”, enter ”2%”

Select : OK

After download click “OK” to stop losses.

Click “Yes” to learn new model.

Click “No” to reset sample period.

Software will now learn model. This will take time and depend on your PC.

STEP 3. Review Results

When finished learning model. The “Chart” tab shows trades and current position.

The “System Performance” tab shows trade stats and trade history.

If satisfied with model results add to your trade plan and strategies.

Click “Save” to save model.

STEP 4. Begin Trading New Strategy

Begin paper trading or live trading the recommended signals.

STEP 5. Update Model for Daily Trade Signals

Run Neuromaster Software

“Main Screen”

Select “Open”, select model to open:”XLK MODEL4”

Select “OK”

Software will now download historical data.

To update model, select “Update”

The next day’s recommendation is now updated.

The following trade setup example is for training purposes only. Not an endorsement or recommendation to trade a particular stock.

From Desktop: Launch Neuromaster Software

“Main Screen

Save your model. To exit the software, select “Exit”